How to Open Roshan Digital Account

Roshan Digital account

Roshan Digital account details and the procedure of account opening will be discussed here. Also we will explain the interest rate you will get with Roshan Digital Account and the account types. In short you are going to get answers to all the questions related to RDA and I am sure after reading this post you will not have to look into the web anymore.

What is Roshan digital account Pakistan


Roshan Digital Account which is also called RDA is a bank account service by the Government of Pakistan for the overseas Pakistanis. With this service now non residential Pakistanis can open account with any bank in Pakistan. For account opening you don’t need to visit any bank, all you have to do is open the online account opening form given online on the website of the bank and fill it with required information and you are done. Bank will open your account within 2 working days and then you are good to go with it. You can have a lot of benefits with it. Also you can use it as a normal Pakistani bank account sitting abroad and perform many actions like making investments, paying bills, sending money to other accounts and even buying top ups.


Roshan digital account

Roshan Digital Account details


Here we will provide you with all the details and the requirements you wanted to know before opening a roshan digital account. First of all I just want to tell you that there is not much difference between the normal accounts which residential Pakistanis open in Pakistan. I am giving you the example of a normal bank account because most of the people already have some information about them so it will make easy for them to understand the Roshan Digital Account. If I say in simple words, now overseas Pakistanis can have the same bank account while staying out of the country which residential Pakistanis use while staying in Pakistan. You can open this account online by following a very easy method and can use it online staying in any country and can perform all the transactions.

Types of Account


With roshan digital account you can open both current and saving accounts. The process of opening a savings and current account is the same but there is a basic difference between these two types which I hope everybody already knows. For those who don’t know, I can try to explain in simple words.


Current accounts are the normal account that we open with a bank for daily use. We can deposit in it and can withdraw from it any amount any time we want. There is no profit and loss in this type of account.


On the other hand there is a Saving account. It is clear from the name that it is for savings. In this type of account we can deposit money any time but there are some conditions on withdrawing from it. For example if you saved your money for six months, bank will give you profit on it but you cannot withdraw your money before six months. The time period varies with different saving plans.

So coming back to our main topic, with roshan digital account you can open any type of it, saving and current.

Here I also want to make it clear that you can take profit from roshan digital accounts even by opening a current account by investments in Naya Pakistan Certificates.


Also you can open a Roshan Digital account in any currency from USD and PKR. So it’s up to you which currency account you want. But if you want to use your accounts to make payments in Pakistan or pay bills etc then I must say that it will be good to open an account in PKR because it will save you from the headache of conversion rate every time.


Naya Pakistan Certificates | Roshan digital account certificate


Naya Pakistan certificates or Roshann Digital Account certificate is an investing scheme by the Govt of Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis. Via this scheme now non residential Pak people can invest in Pakistani banks and take profits. It gives very high returns on investments. The Govt of Pakistan is urging overseas to use this service because it is a win-win situation for both as when some one will invest in it the Govt will receive Dollar as remittances and it will help to boost the reserve of the country and in return the Govt is giving very high returns on the investments.

The process to invest in it is very easy and you can do it online with some clicks. So when you open a Roshan digital account, no matter if it is saving or current account, you can invest your money from RDA into this certificate.


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Interest rates

Here is the table of interest rate you will get. Here I also want to make it clear that you can open both conventional or Islamic account.

Tenor PKR Rate USD Rate
3 months 9.50 % 5.50 %
6 months 10 % 6 %
1 year 10.50 % 6.50 %
3 year 10.75 % 6.75 %
5 year 11 % 7 %

You can calculate your profit according to the tenor and the amount you put it.


How to open Roshan digital account


The process of opening the roshan digital account is very simple and it can be done in no time as compared to how hard it was opening a bank account in Pakistan some years back. You can open RDA online by filling the application. All you need to do is to go to the official website of the bank with which you want to open the account. On the website there is a form available, you have to fill it online and click submit. Then the bank will contact you via email if the further information needed.



Here are the necessary documents or the information you need to provide in order to open the account.

  • CNIC (pics of front and back of cnic)
  • Passport
  • Your Picture
  • Proof of NRP
  • Proof of income
  • SSC Certificate (Bank will provide you this. All you have to download it fill it and do signature on it 4 times and upload it on the bank website)

* Proof of NRP you have to prove that at the time of account opening you are living outside of Pakistan. You can do this very easily by uploading the picture of the exit stamp on your passport. OR if you live in gulf countries you can just provide the picture of iqama to prove that you are an overseas Pakistani.


Roshan digital account banks list

Here is the list of banks with you can open RDA online. These are the banks offering the opening of Roshan Digital Account.

  1. MCB Bank
  2. Samba Bank
  3. Faysal Bank
  4. HBL Bank
  5. Alfalah Bank
  6. Meezan Bank
  7. UBL Bank
  8. Standard Chartered Bank


Roshan Digital Account Benefits

There are many benefits of having a Roshan Digital Account, some of them we discussed above but here we will tell you in detail so you could understand better.

  • Invest in Pakistan
  • Invest in PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange)
  • Take part in Naya Pakistan Certificate
  • Online bill payment i.e Electricity, water, internet, ptcl
  • Buy online mobile recharge
  • Buy bonds
  • Transfer money to any bank account
  • Free checkbook and debit card (anywhere in the world)

Who can open RDA


Any Pakistani who is living and working abroad can open a Roshan Digital Account. Basically this program is only for the overseas. This service is available in all the countries it means if you are living in any country other than Pak, you are eligible to open RDA.

Roshan digital account Apni Car


With roshan digital account car loan you can finance a car in Pakistan at very good rates. I already wrote a detailed article about Roshan Apni Car Scheme, how to apply for roshan apni car, you can get all the required information there. So if you are planning to finance a car then make sure to check that article.

Here I will try to put a small description of the Roshan Apni car in front of you. Basically this scheme was introduced by Prime Minister Imran Khan last year for the overseas Pakistanis.

Via this scheme you can finance a new car as well as a used car for your family back in the country. Under this program you can get a loan or finance of Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 1 crore. Via Roshan digital account you can avail this service.

Roshan digital account charges


Roshan digital account charges plan is same as the normal bank accounts in Pakistan. Yearly charges can vary between Rs.800 to Rs 1500. It depends upon with which bank you are opening the account and what services you are using.


But the first year of RDA account opening is charges free. You don’t have to pay an annual fee. Also for the first time the bank will send you a free checkbook and ATM card on the address which you will provide while registration. But for ordering the Card for 2nd time the bank will charge you the amount near about Rs. 500 to Rs. 600.

Roshan digital account eligibility


Every Pakistani citizen who has a valid CNIC and Passport and currently living in any other country can open this account. But you have to provide the description of your job or the business you are doing in that country. In simple words you have to provide the bank with proof of your income as this is necessary if you open account in Pakistan or any other country in the world. For Example if you are non residential Pakistani and now living in USA you can open roshan digital account in usa.


Success of This Project


As we know that this is the first ever program introduced by the Government of Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis in 70 years. So overseas Pakistanis welcomed it with a big heart and made it success by depositing record breaking remittances in it. It’s been 15 months now (as of today December 2021) and Roshan digital accounts have attracted more than 2.80 billion dollars and the amount is increasing with the average of $191 million per month.


Success of This Project


All Amounts are in USD and Millions

After seeing this graph you can get an idea of how much people are trusting in it and are taking benefits from it. Why not you? So hurry up and if you have business abroad or you work out of the country then open your roshan digital account and be part of it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Roshan digital account?

The main benefit of opening the account is you can use online banking with any bank of Pakistan while staying abroad. You can make payments, transactions, investments and even pay bills online.


Which bank is good for Roshan digital account?

As RDA is a project of State bank of Pakistan so that’s why we can say that state bank will make sure to keep a check on every bank. You can open Roshan Digital Account with any bank you want. Like Meezan Bank, MCB, UBL ets

Can I withdraw money from my Roshan digital account?

Yes. You can withdraw money from the account any time anywhere you want.

How does Roshan Digital Account work?

You can use the roshan account online via online banking app provided by the respected bank.

What is the interest rate on Roshan digital account?

Interest rates vary according to the time period and the amount of investment. You can get an interest rate from 9.5% to 11% with PKR and 5.5% to 7% with USD account.

How do I deposit money into my RDA account?

You can deposit money by visiting any bank in your resident country. Also you can link your already present account of that country with Roshan Digital Account.

Can I deposit money in Roshan Digital Account from Pakistan?

No. You cannot deposit in it from Pakistan.

Who can invest in Naya Pakistan certificate?

Any NRP- nor residential Pakistani having RDA can invest in Naya Pakistan Certificate.

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