Venezuela is located in South America with Guyana and Suriname to the North; Brazil to the east; Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile to the west .

Venezuela is situated south of the Caribbean Sea with the northern coast running along the Atlantic Ocean.

It shares its borders with Brazil to the east, Guyana and South America states to south America states south-east , Colombia south America states south-west, and Island along with Trinidad and Tobago to south America states south-east. Venezuela is the 7th largest country in South America.

Wide Range Of Mountains

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Part of the South American continent, Venezuela has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The country consists largely of a central northern plateau ,south america states, and a wide range of mountains in the west.

The northern region consists largely of the Venezuelan Coastal Range, which has several smaller mountain ranges that contain narrow and discontinuous valleys built on sedimentary south America. The ranges consist of South America states and the valleys consist of chiefly north-south river systems including the Los Sama, Motatán , Aragua and Guárico south.

Twenty Lesser Regions

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Venezuela is divided into twenty lesser regions (regiones menores), a sparsely populated South America state. The lesser regions are grouped into 1 of 5 regions, south north south west: the Andes, the Maracaibo lowlands, central Venezuela, east Venezuela.

The Andes are located in the extreme west of southwest Venezuela, south America states , south America states . They include numerous spurs extending from the main cordillera east south west into the south America states. The region mainly contains around elevations of 1 mile, but these are divided into north and west.

There are numerous low-lying mountains in the Maracaibo lowlands, which extend along much of the south America states . The region consists of Cretaceous sedimentary outcrops including shales , siltstones, sand stones and evaporates south and south America south and south America.

North Striking Coastal Area

The north striking coastal area of Venezuela consists of a narrow band of hills which run parallel to the Caribbean Sea. The soil is similar to that of the Los Llanos region in Colombia, consisting largely of Eocene sandstones laid down on a former south America.

The Venezuelan Central Range forms the southern part of the Cordillera de Mérida. It is more of a low plateau with plateaus in some areas, South America states. The region has many places with volcanic rocks, especially in the south.

The east consists mainly of low hills which extend along much of the coastal region. These are cut by numerous estuaries and valleys, South America states.

Final Verdict

Wrapping Up

The Venezuelan Coastal Range, or Cordillera de Costa, runs along most of the coastline and contains some hills and South America states.